H.S.E. Policy

The health, safety and environmental awareness of our colleagues are some of the most critical factors of quality policy of PETROLAND.

We commit that all our employees will be liable for applying all rules to perform health, safety and environmental protection conditions and providing the safety of other colleagues at the same time in accordance with company policy,

that we shall obey the required legislations and laws, increase the awareness level of our employees through programmed Health, Safety and Environment trainings in each level and periodic auditions,

that we will act within the conscious of avoidance from the acts that will cause negative impact on our natural sources and human health in all activities and investments being carried out now and to be in the future,

that we arrange our activities in a way that we can develop and control them and provide constant amelioration by revising our performance, thus we also commit to pull down all the damage against environment to the lowest level and even zero level if possible.